Position Paper on the Technology Content of the EC Preparatory Action on Defence Research

  • March 23, 2016

The purpose of this Paper is to address in more detail Industry's recommendations for the technology content of the Preparatory Action and the characteristics of the work it should support. In this respect, this Paper can be seen as an Industry contribution to the Scoping Paper which will guide the Preparatory Action. The aim of this paper is therefore not to present a list of proposals. The European Commission has established a formal process of governance which will prepare the Work Programme with calls for proposals. Our objective at this stage is rather to contribute to the strategic thinking that sets the basis and the  framework for  the future  work programme.

The analysis in this Paper will presume the structure and research categories proposed in the previous Paper, and as listed above. However, because of its importance within the total programme of the Preparatory Action, the focus will be on the technology demonstration and the security of supply of key Defense technologies.

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