Arquimea directing all its capabilities towards the fight against Covid-19

  • April 29, 2020

ARQUIMEA Group is directing all its capabilities, both technical and human, towards the common goal of stopping the pandemic that is currently challenging the entire planet. The company has launched three initiatives to fight the pandemic and help the most vulnerable groups.


  • They put together Alianza test COVID-19, an alliance of laboratories and research center of more than 100 molecular and genetic diagnosis specialists. The goal of this consortium is offering a service for coronavirus detection tests based on the qPCR technique. It has 99.9% reliability and preferential use for vulnerable groups. They can do up to 10,000 tests per day. More information here:


  • Also, a team of engineers from the Group have designed 3D Printing Protective Screens to complement the equipment of healthcare and pharmaceutical staff and security forces and bodies. ARQUIMEA Group has already manufactured and distributed more than 5,000 of these screens in different parts of the Spanish geography and the plans are available for all those who want to contribute to (free download here). 


  • And lastly, several teams of the company are working on the design of an automatic respirator.



ARQUIMEA Group is a cross-sectoral international technology group that develops solutions and innovative products in highly-demanding activity sectors, such as Space and Industry; Healhcare & Biotech; Defence & Security or Critical Services and Infrastructures.