ASD Launches its 2014 Annual Convention in Prague

  • January 1, 2014

November 7, 2013 - The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) today launched its annual convention, to take place in Prague from 23 to 25 April 2014. In partnership with its Czech Member Association, the Association of the Aviation Manufacturers (ALV) and host, the ASD Convention will be conducted under the theme “Strengthening European Prosperity and Competitiveness: A 4D test for policy makers and industry”.

ASD Secretary General ​Jan Pie commented: “The ASD Convention is an exclusive opportunity for people from different worlds and backgrounds to meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. In exploring long-term views delegates will pave the way for future platforms and programmes that will support European industry and boost up citizen’s prosperity in Europe.”

Mr Kašpar, in turn, went on to say: “We are honoured to host the ASD Convention which is a unique opportunity to showcase the aerospace capabilities and achievements of our country. With particular pride in getting off the ground the Young Professionals Forum we anticipate that the event will attract young men and women to the careers in aerospace and defence”. 

Spread over three days, the programme of the Convention will be punctuated by three major topics. On the first day, the Young Professionals Forum – an initiative of the Host Association – will bring together young engineers at the very beginning of their careers in aerospace with the aim of focusing on innovation in corporate environment. The second day will be dedicated to a 4D Market Place. Covering its four elements – exhibition, technology presentations, networking and business-to-business meetings – the Market Place will be organised in a sequence of ideas–innovation–strategies–action and will welcome, among many others, national procurement agencies to get better acquainted with the existing European defence and aerospace markets through exhibition and interactive discussions in “Knowledge Cafés”. On the third day, the Plenary Session will concentrate on keynote speeches delivered by high-level representatives from the Czech government, the EU institutions and industry; and high-level round tables focusing on reciprocity in global cooperation and EU industrial policies compared to European needs with regard to prosperity and competitiveness. The Convention will culminate with a gala dinner at the prestigious Town Hall of Prague, bringing together all delegates and contributors to the ASD Convention.