ASD President Statement on European Council Meeting

  • March 25, 2022
  • EU Heads of State and Government endorsed the Strategic Compass and announced measures to bolster European security and defence capabilities
  • ASD President Alessandro Profumo underlines the role of the European defence industry as a key enabler for the security of Europe and its citizens


Brussels, 25 March 2022 – On 24 and 25 March, EU Heads of State and Government met in Brussels for a formal European Council meeting. Among others, they discussed EU security and defence issues. In the summit’s conclusions published today, EU leaders reiterated the need to bolster European security and defence capabilities and highlighted the need for a strong European defence industry. In this context, they announced a significant increase of defence spending and discussed how to foster defence investment, including making better use of EU funding instruments. Furthermore, the European Council endorsed the Strategic Compass for Security and Defence which had been approved by Foreign and Defence ministers on Monday.

The following statement is attributable to Alessandro Profumo, President of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and CEO of Leonardo:

“We welcome that the EU Heads of State and Government confirmed the commitment to strengthening European security and defence capabilities, also taking into account the new security situation in Europe. EU leaders have concluded today that increasing investment in defence spending is indispensable, as it has also been stated in the Strategic Compass. We stand united in the common objective to guarantee the security of Europe and its citizens, of which the European defence industry is a key enabler, providing technological competences and solutions required to support European sovereignty, autonomy and defence capabilities.”  


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