ASD requests swift adoption of the revised EASA Basic Regulation

  • December 19, 2017

ASD is calling for the swift adoption of the revised European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) basic regulation. The EASA package is expected to be voted at the EU COREPER meeting tomorrow.

After nearly three years of negotiation between the EU Commission, EU Council and EU Parliament, a preliminary political agreement has been reached between the Estonian EU Presidency, EU Commission and EU Parliament under the so-called trilogue negotiations. This agreement now needs to be ratified by both the EU Council and EU Parliament. The revised EASA basic regulation will improve the functioning of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and empowers EASA to deal with a number of new tasks including those related to civil drones and cybersecurity.

EASA plays a crucial role for the EU aeronautical industry. EASA therefore needs to be equipped with efficient working-methods and sufficient resources to certify European products and to support the validation of European products with foreign civil aviation Authorities. The revised EASA Basic Regulation will improve EASA’s functioning in this respect.

The emerging market of civil drones, including small as well as larger certified category of drones, has many potentials for the EU aeronautical industry. It is therefore crucial that EASA has received the mandate to put in place the safety regulatory framework for the deployment of this new technology.

Civil aviation is a global industry. EASA therefore also plays a crucial role to work together with the EU Member States on ambitious global ICAO standards for civil aviation.