ASD supports the launch of the European Raw Materials Alliance

  • September 29, 2020

29 September 2020 – ASD welcomes the launch of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) by Commissioner Thierry Breton today and is pleased to be one of the trade associations officially supporting ERMA.

Europe’s access to raw materials is characterised by over dependency on foreign sources of supply and a growing demand for raw materials. The EU is between 75% and 100% reliant on imports for most metals. With this in mind, ASD Secretary General Jan Pie highlights the growing importance of ensuring a responsible and unhindered supply of critical raw materials for aerospace and defence companies: “If we do not act now, the access to critical raw materials for our industry sector will be at risk in the future. The quasi monopoly of rare earths and ores of Asian countries and price competitions applied by those suppliers have triggered a decrease in manufacturing capacity in the EU, and it is now high time to remedy this situation.”

At the same time, ERMA will contribute to achieving the revival, autonomy and resilience of Europe’s integrated industrial ecosystems as outlined in the Industrial Strategy and Recovery Plan, by restoring its capacity in this key strategic area. “We believe that raw materials are key enablers for a globally competitive and green Europe and, therefore, deserve the engagement of European aerospace and defence companies”, states Mr Pie.

Raw materials are also necessary for reaching Europe’s clean energy objectives: initiatives aimed at recycling materials and improving domestic production facilities go hand in hand with the development of resilient value chains for all industrial ecosystems, a goal resolutely supported by ASD.