ASD Welcomes EU Strategic Compass for Security and Defence

  • March 21, 2022
  • The Council of the European Union approved today the “Strategic Compass for Security and Defence” which sets out a plan to strengthen the EU’s security and defence policy by 2030
  • The Strategic Compass announces “substantial” increase of defence spending and measures to facilitate the European defence industry’s access to finance and investment
  • ASD welcomes the Strategic Compass and its objective to strengthen European defence, sovereignty and autonomy



Brussels, March 21, 2022Today, the Council of the European Union formally approved the document “A Strategic Compass for Security and Defence: For a European Union that protects its citizens, values and interests and contributes to international peace and security”. The Strategic Compass sets out a plan to strengthen the EU’s security and defence policy by 2030 aiming to become a “more assertive and decisive security provider”. It assesses the EU’s strategic environment and entails policy objectives, means to achieve these and timelines to measure progress.

The document highlights concrete priority actions in four work strands: acting rapidly when crises erupt, enhancing anticipation of threats and secure access to strategic domains, deepening bilateral and multilateral partnerships, and investing more and better in defence capabilities and new technologies and reducing dependencies.

ASD President and CEO of Leonardo Alessandro Profumo said: “We welcome today’s Strategic Compass for Security and Defence. Particularly, we appreciate the clear goal to strengthen the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base and the commitment of the EU Member States to significantly increase defence investments to guarantee security and protect their citizens."

Mr. Profumo also commented: “The need for a strong European defence capability has become even more evident in today’s new security environment. The European defence industry stands ready to support national governments and European institutions, as a competent partner for the successful implementation of the actions outlined in the Strategic Compass.”

The document underlines the need to invest in innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence or quantum computing, and to strengthen resilience of supply chains to enhance technological sovereignty. Coherence between EU defence related initiatives should be maximised.

The Strategic Compass also stresses that horizontal EU policies, such as initiatives on sustainable finance, should remain consistent with efforts to facilitate the European defence industry’s sufficient access to public and private finance and investment.

Finally, by 2023, the EU and its Member States will take measures to promote and facilitate the access to private funding for the defence industry, also by making best use of the European Investment Bank.

ASD welcomes, following the EU Defence Package published in February, the recognition of the need for a resilient, competitive and innovative European Defence Technological and Industrial Base present in the Strategic Compass. The defence industry plays a key role in providing security for citizens and nations, contributing to preserve peace and stability, safety and democracy, without which social and economic prosperity is not possible.

The EU heads of state and government are expected to endorse the document during their European Council Meeting on 24-25 March.



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