Civil aviation research

  • May 22, 2017

Horizon 2020 dedicates €2.6 billion over 7 years for civil aviation research, under the key societal challenge: Smart, Green and Integrated TRANSPORT.

Along these Societal Challenges calls, Horizon 2020 funds two Public Private Partnerships instruments: Clean Sky 2 (1.755Bn€ from H2020 and 2.245 M€  from the private sector to reach 4Bn€ in total) and SESAR 2020 (585M€ from H2020, 10M€ from CEF, 1,3M€ of assigned revenues, plus the 1.003M€ contribution from the private sector, amounting to a total budget of 1,6Bn€). These Partnerships work according to work programmes, updated every 2 years.

The funding is then accessible by submitting proposals through open calls. The preparation of work programmes involves the consultation of stakeholders. ASD is actively involved in the definition of the work programme and strives to ensure that the topics of interest for industries are well addressed.

For more information on these Partnerships, please refer to the Clean Sky & SESAR page. 

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Armande Cocquerez
Research & Technology Manager
Benjamyn Scott
New Technologies Manager
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