Considerations on further initiatives to strengthen the European defence industrial and technological base

  • May 18, 2022


The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point for the European Union and its Member States. This is true in particular for defence and security.

At their summit in Versailles in early March, EU Heads of State and Government stressed, among others, the need to invest more and better in defence and invited the European Commission to “... develop proposals for any further initiative necessary to strengthen the European defence industrial and technological base” (EDTIB). This paper presents industry’s initial considerations on such initiatives.



In his press conference following the Versailles summit, President Macron announced for late May/early June an extraordinary European Council meeting to build, based on the Commission’s analysis and proposals, a truly European strategy on defence investment and industrial capabilities. We consider this as a unique opportunity to achieve a quantum leap in the way Europe supports its defence technological and industrial base.

In this note, we stress that such a strategy should define certain key objectives (D.I.R.C.) which would guide and give coherence to short-, medium- and long-term actions of both the European Union and its Member States. We also listed some initial ideas for further initiatives that could help to make the EDTIB fit for the challenges following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We realise that these ideas need to be spelled out in greater detail and stand ready to engage in a dialogue with the European Commission and Member States on how to turn them into reality.