Dassault Aviation has begun the production of 3D visors

  • April 17, 2020

To help combat the Covid-19 epidemic, Dassault Aviation has begun the production of protective visors, using 3D printing.

Over 1,000 visors are produced each week, in strict compliance with health regulations.

Seven hundred of these visors have already been donated to various institutions (regional health agencies, hospitals, firefighters, the gendarmerie, local authorities, etc.).

Our network of 3D printers is spread across our nine sites in France.

Each site is responsible for its own visor production and handles relations with subcontractors and the distribution of the visors to locally organized collection points.

The operation is coordinated by the Company’s Industrial Operations Division.

Dassault Aviation is proud to stress that this contribution was born from the personal and voluntary initiative of employees who were keen to make themselves useful despite the lockdown and directly contribute to the fight against the coronavirus.

Dassault Aviation would also like to thank its subcontractors involved in this operation; an initiative which demonstrates once again the solidarity and responsiveness of the industrial aeronautics sector.