Grupo Oesîa promotes the launch of Sanitary Air Corridor amongst other initiatives

  • April 29, 2020

From the initial stage of the spread of Covid19 in Spain, Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía launched an Action Plan with several fronts:

Protect the health of our professionals, by investing in means to allow our teams to telework effectively, which has allowed the majority of our staff to maintain its activity from home. In addition to this, it has applied very strict hygiene and prevention measures in the headquarters, which must maintain minimum services as they are considered essential.

The company has prioritize its healthcare technology areas. In this sense, Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía has been able to:

- put its technology at the service of expanding the isolation and emergency areas at hospitals,

- add to its technology an algorithm that indicates whether a patient hospitalized for non-Covid reasons is also being infected by the coronavirus.

The company has enhanced the technological services of the projects that have been considered essential in the state of alarm.

Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía has supported its corporate volunteering in various parts of Spain in the development of protection materials (such as protective masks) for health personnel. Being able to produce over 2.000 units so far.

Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía has helped a hospital near one of its headquarters (Valdepeñas) to develop a respirator and to enhance the capacity of the other respirators.

The company has promoted the launch of a powerful solidarity initiative. Together with Fenin and Iberia, has , that has the collaboration of 4 Ministries (Health, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Industry, Commerce and Tourism) that have helped to carry out and facilitate the complex procedures that a large scale operation requires, especially in the current stage of an international health crisis. The Corridor covers the complete cycle of material supply for hospitals:

- identification of the needs for medical devices,

- purchase of certified Chinese products and quality material,

- logistics management in China and administrative procedures,

- transportation of these materials by plane to Spain.

- management of procedures and logistics in Spain.

So far, this initiative by Grupo Oesía has helped provide hospitals with more than 300 tons of critical material in only 20 days. This solidarity initiative will continue as long as it´s useful.


Video explanation:

A team of volunteers from 3 different organizations manage the Sanitary Air Corridor.

To carry out the complex operations of the Sanitary Air Corridor, its promoters Fenin, Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía and Iberia have contributed with about 40 professional volunteers (in addition to the crews) who have formed a unique team. Without in many cases the possibility of getting to know each other personally due to movement restrictions, the team works intensively telematically.

The Corridor has various operations centers:

- Fenin's base is in Madrid.

- The coordination center is located in Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía´s factory in Valdepeñas  (Castilla-La Mancha),

- the call center at the headquarters of Grupo Oesía in Murcia and Madrid,

- and Iberia contributes with its equipment from its headquarters in Madrid, from the Barajas airport and the crews of each of the flights.

All these volunteer work was done intensively, without a weekend break or Easter holidays, with the hope of joining efforts to contribute with material in the fight against Covid-19. This team will maintain its activity while it is still necessary to alleviate the current national deficit of critical sanitary material.

The Sanitary Air Corridor is open to attend import requests for materials from public administrations and companies that require it. You can contact your coordination center through the email  and the following phone number: 00 34 91 0213234.

The sole purpose of the three promoters of the Sanitary Air Corridor is to join efforts and contribute to combat effectively, and in a humanitarian spirit, COVID-19.