High Level Roundtable - Skills for the Aerospace & Defence Sectors

  • October 16, 2020


16 October 2020 – The ASD President and ASD Secretary General today took part in the High-Level Roundtable on Skills for the Aerospace & Defence sectors, together with several CEOs from ASD member companies. The Round Table was organised by the European Commission in the framework of the Pact for Skills. It aimed at establishing a dialogue at senior level with Commissioners Breton and Schmit in the runup towards the official launch of the Pact for Skills which will address the urgent need of upskilling and reskilling the workforce in Europe for the 2021-2027 period.


Senior industry leaders had the opportunity to share their ideas and commitments in relation to their plans to increase investments in skills and competences of employees in the near future and also to express expectations about the kind of support the Aerospace & Defence ecosystem needs from the EU, in order to meet these important objectives.


ASD President Mr Alessandro Profumo, stated that “Europe is at an historic crossroad in its capability of nurturing strategic skills, a need that in the post Pandemic scenario, has become an imperative. The AD&S sector is inherently focused on shaping future technologies and capabilities, with important returns in terms of value, competitiveness and overall sustainability. Its companies have an excellent track record in independent investments for new skills development, which include collaboration with education stakeholders, with the supply chain and SMEs. Therefore, as ASD, we welcome the establishment of the Skill Agenda of Europe and are willing to contribute to its success with our knowledge and expertise, by formally committing to the Pact for skills.”


ASD Secretary General Mr Jan Pie complemented by saying; “we consider that what is at stake is the survival and the capacity to engage a positive growth of our Industry which is crucial for European Sovereignty, Economy and Growth. Therefore, our engagement will be taken by clear action plans engaging all Pact for Skills eco-systems with formal KPIs to measure value added of all dedicated investments.” He concluded; “Our member companies are committed to take part of experimentations and to apply solutions agreed”.