Industry and research associations’ position on EU Institutional Public Private Partnerships in Research and Innovation

  • October 23, 2017

October 2017 - This paper represents the common position of 5 industry associations and partners (Hydrogen Europe, ASD, BIC, EFPIA and UNIFE) involved in 6 EU institutional Public Private Partnerships (IPPP1) (under the legal structure known as Joint Undertakings (JUs)), collectively representing 453 companies and 48 national associations, supplemented by 218 RTOs and university associations.

In the context of the H2020 Programme midterm review, the P. Lamy report, the upcoming Bohemia study, and initial reflections around the future European Research and Innovation (R&I) Framework Programme 9 (FP9 from 2021 to 2027), IPPP industry and research association members and partners here by wish to highlight that EU IPPP programmes demonstrate unmatched value added materialized by high effectivity, attractiveness and competitiveness. 

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