Industry's views on the proposal for a regulation establishing the European Defence Fund (EDF)

  • September 28, 2018

September 2018 - ASD welcomes the proposed regulation establishing the European Defence Fund (EDF) under the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF). Industry is convinced that this Fund can make a major contribution to strenghtening Europe's defence capabilities and further developing its industrial and technological base. In combination with an ambitious implementation of CARD, PESCO and the revised CDP, it can lead to a real step-change in European defence cooperation.

This paper contains industry's common views on the European Commission's proposal of 13 June 2018. For provisions where no comment has been made, this does not mean that industry has no views on them. Indeed, in some cases industry could not reach a common position, and where this was the case, ASD's standard protocol is to remain silent. 

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