Leonardo: Solutions for a safe return

  • May 21, 2020

The strong will to restart and the absolute need for safety – these are the two fundamental pillars we have in mind as we enter the next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like many companies, Leonardo is having to carefully balance the urge to return to its normal activities, while guaranteeing the absolute health safety of its employees. Only by devising and implementing structured, streamlined, scalable and effective solutions and measures, can there be a gradual but decisive and safe resumption of on-site activities.

The first step is to carry out a control activity for every person accessing a company site. This involves measuring body temperature in order to identify individuals with a fever (to which, in any case, a medical screening must be added) and prevent the spread of infections.

As a result, Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division has prepared a "turnkey" solution, started with testing activity at the company’s Genoa site and Tiburtina site in Rome.

The solution is able to precisely evaluate (tolerance less than 0.3°C) several people at the same time, ensuring security and improving access times – something particularly relevant where large flows of people are expected. Due to the great variety of sites across Leonardo, the installation of solutions on each turnstile – which need to be individually evaluated due to each site’s location, size and activities – is also under evaluation.

When the testing stage is complete, the solution will also be made available to the other Leonardo offices and to the companies that request it.

The body temperature detection system is part of a larger set of tools and solutions specifically designed to achieve the safety standards necessary in the new post-pandemic daily life. The core of these Leonardo –developed solutions is represented by "Safe @t Work" – an application that can dynamically control and manage access to corporate buildings. It features systems for planning employee health checks, tools for monitoring people gatherings and health conditions within the company, and protocols to facilitate rapid and effective decision-making in case of emergency.

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