Navantia Joins the ASD Family as New Member Company

  • October 18, 2017

October 18, 2017 - ASD is pleased to announce that Navantia, a major player in naval defence, has joined the association as a new member company.

Navantia, a Spanish public company, is one of the leading international designer, builder and life cycle supporter of technologically advanced military ships, as systems integrator and developer and with a well proven expertise in transfers of technology complex projects.

In addition, Navantia, with presence worldwide, is a leading technology company: Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) is a strategic area of the company, with the ultimate purpose to adapt to current and future market needs focused on Shipyard and Industry 4.0. Navantia devotes over 7% of its Revenues to R&D+i (investing 300 million euros in just 3 years). The Group has a workforce of 5,500 employees.

Now that Navantia has become a direct company member, holding a seat at the ASD Board, ASD’s membership is composed of 15 companies and 25 National Associations from 19 countries in Europe.  

“We are pleased to welcome Navantia into the ASD family” stated ASD Secretary General, Jan Pie. “With this new company member, ASD will expand its membership and strengthen the naval component of its military branch. We look forward to working closely together to maintain the best preconditions for our industry in the long run” he further continued. 

Mr José Esteban García Vilasánchez, Chairman of Navantia commented that “cooperation in Europe is needed to approach the challenges we face as an industry. We consider our membership in ASD as a great opportunity to shape EU policies accordingly and work towards a stronger and more competitive Europe in the naval sector”. Mr García Vilasánchez highlighted ASD's key role in enabling Defence and Security Industries to speak with the European institutions on all relevant EU policies and initiatives.