Position Paper on Commission contribution to European Defence

  • April 21, 2022

12 April 2022 – ASD welcomes the Communication on the Commission’s contribution to European defence, which provides input to the Strategic Compass that was adopted end of March.

The Communication stresses the importance of Europe’s defence technology and industrial base (EDTIB) as an essential driver for EU’s strategic autonomy, technological sovereignty, growth & innovation. It also acknowledges the major role of exports “for the business model of the European defence industry”, and the importance to ensure that horizontal policies, such as those on sustainable finance, “remain consistent with the European Union efforts to facilitate the European defence industry’s sufficient access to finance and investment”. Industry welcomes these statements, particularly in light of the Russian war against Ukraine. There is no sustainability without security, no security without defence capabilities, and no defence capabilities without defence industries.

We also welcome the inclusion of space and security in a Communication on defence. This reflects well the reality of today’s security threats and mirrors both the scope of our ecosystem and the spectrum of strategically important technologies. In this context, we also recall the strong industrial and technological links with UK defence companies, which remain important although a security and defence agreement between the EU and the UK is still missing.




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