Position Paper Technology Priorities for Preparatory Action on Defence Research

  • September 8, 2017

In February of this year, ASD issued a Position Paper ‘Considerations on the Proposed EU Preparatory Action on CSDP-Related Research’, expressing the European defence industry’s initial views on the Preparatory Action. The Position Paper was written on the premise that the Preparatory Action should be a major milestone towards a fully-fledged EU defence research programme as part of the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework (2021-2027). It focused on initial observations and recommendations on the overall strategy, rules and conditions, work programme and operational procedures for the Preparatory Action. It considered issues of structure, governance and IPR. Industry believes not only that these are important, but also that it is imperative that industry views on these be taken into account in planning both the Preparatory Action and potential follow-on defence research programme.

The purpose of the present paper is to examine in more depth the technology priorities that industry feels should inform the Preparatory Action. As such, it is intended to be an Industry contribution to the current discussions being held amongst all the relevant stakeholders. Different technical priorities will impact differently on structure, governance and IPR of the Preparatory Action, and vice versa, but the focus of this paper is on the technology priorities themselves.

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