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Aeronautics is one of the European Union’s (EU) key high-tech sectors on the global market, it provides more than 590,000 jobs and generated a turnover of close to €160 billion (in 2015). The EU is a world leader in the production of civil aircraft, including helicopters, aircraft engines, parts and components and has a trade surplus for aerospace products, which are exported all over the world.

The success of the Aeronautics industry is driven both by dynamic economic environments and clear legal frameworks. How can societies ensure the right conditions to protect the industries' know-how and simultaneously enable companies to access to key markets and drive growth forward?   

ASD actively offers its expertise in all economic, contractual, legal, regulatory and trade matters through its Economic, Legal and Trade Commission (ELT). The ELT alerts and informs ASD’s members on common relevant issues such as public procurement, intellectual property rights (IPRs), funding of research projects, or trade related matters, among others. Where necessary, it analyses the potential risks and threats of specific EU regulations and policies. It also looks at international trends, notably in the different trade agreements the EU concludes with third countries and it analyses the potential threats and opportunities entailed by these agreements.

Due to the transversal nature of the topics it analyses, the ELT covers all the industry’s sectors, namely civil aviation, defence and security. The ELT is chaired by Pascal Belmin from Airbus, and vice-chaired by Natalia Santa Teresa from Indra and Edward Gelsthorpe from BAE Systems. The ELT’s membership comprises of both direct company members and representatives of national associations.  

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