Sener offers its capacities in electronics and integration

  • April 29, 2020

SENER has offered its capacities in electronics and integration, and assembly to the competent authorities, and has started the procedures to coordinate actions with different partners, with the aim of increasing the production capacity of companies that already manufacture respirators. Likewise, several people have joined Makers, Wakeupsmile and Sicnova' initiatives to assembly and/or manufacture, with the 3D printers they have at home, protective visors for the health services, with the company assuming the cost of the materials used to print these units. On the other hand, the SENER Foundation has donated 80 external mobile phone batteries for the people who find the Madrid IFEMA hospital in order to improve communication with their families. Besides, SENER has offered the Army a medicalized stretcher with all the equipment of an ICU and has donated masks to the Guardia Civil and latex gloves for the use of medical staff. From the Noor solar thermal project in Morocco, SENER has attended the request for help made by the population and has donated 1,900 protective suits that have been used both for disinfection tasks and to prevent infections among the health personnel of local hospitals. And SENER has organized a campaign of donations to cover the distribution of food for people without resources.