Tecnalia mobilised in several initiatives to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

  • April 29, 2020

TECNALIA is currently working on the development of initiatives that help combat the current crisis caused by COVID-19. These include the development of COVID-19 diagnostic tests, the manufacture of medicines for the prevention and treatment of the disease, and support to industry in the development of respirators.


Diagnostic tests, right now we have everything necessary to run fast diagnostic tests for COVID-19 by means of real-time PCR, including the required kits, equipment, infrastructure and trained staff. These tests would be performed in our Genetics Laboratory.


Medicines manufacturing: Our Pharma laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology to help develop, manufacture and validate products for the pharmaceutical industry. We carry out the manufacture and quality control of medicines under evaluation in various clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 Respiratory support equipment. Our center is working with Hersill, the Spanish leader in respirators, promoting solutions to increase its short-term manufacturing capacity for more respirators and solve critical parts supply problems.